Dental Laser


Our office offers the “diode” laser which is a state of the art device used for surgical/ debridement procedures. In the past, more aggressive dental techniques were used with blades which would cause prolonged bleeding, longer healing period and less precise incisions. Additionally suture was needed due to the extended healing time.

    With this new laser, suturing is no longer necessary there for, healing time is greatly reduced. The laser is also pain free for many procedures.

Treatments that are performed with laser include:

•    Treatment of cold sores and canker sore.
•    Frenectomy- relieving the prominent skin attaching the lip to the gum area.
•    Contouring or shaping uneven or bulky gum area.
•    Pocket debridement- reducing bacteria.
•    And many more beneficial treatments.

Laser procedures are fast and affordable. Please contact our office for more information or to schedule a consultation.